We offer a full range of products and services to waterproof and protect concrete structures such as parking decks and foundation walls to prolong their service life. We offer a wide range of products for every different type of site condition.

Consistent Methods

A combination of technical expertise and numerous years of experience allow our technicians to respond effectively to your expectations.

Elastomeric membrane made of polyurethane or epoxy

The application of a waterproofing membrane or epoxy coating reduces carbon dioxide, chloride ion and water penetration while enhancing the aesthetic aspects of the structure.

Ideal for Protecting:

  • Parking decks
  • Factory floors
  • Buildings
  • Balcony

Hot Applied Bituminous Waterproofing

This time tested hot synthetic rubber and fluid asphalt composition is formulated to provide a monolithic, fully bonded waterproofing membrane.  This system has a seamless application that can conform to surface irregularities with a full adhesion to the concrete structure to restrict lateral water movement.  It is an excellent choice to provide a care free and long-term waterproofing solution to slabs and foundation walls.

Cold Applied Bituminous Waterproofing

This elastomeric, one component liquid applied emulsified asphalt membrane is designed for below grade waterproofing of foundation walls and other structures. It provides a cold alternative to hot applied rubberized membrane systems or replaces conventional hot mop, felt ply and / or preformed sheeting systems especially for use in confined spaces or ‘’hard to get at’’ applications. This application is also commonly used for waterproofing column bases in parking garages to prevent structural damage.

Drainage Board Protection

The use of a 2-layer drainage board composite comprised of a dimpled drainage core and a high-strength needle punched geo-textile is a highly effect system for underground wall construction, pile and lagging wall drainage, retaining walls, as well as a relief layer for hydrostatic pressure on any subsurface structure.

Blindside Waterproofing

On most projects, below-grade waterproofing is applied after the foundation walls have been poured. For some projects, however, this isn’t a possibility and that’s where blindside (or pre-applied) waterproofing is applied. This waterproofing system is a way for building developers to maximize the use of the land while still being able to waterproof the structure and keep the building safe from extreme water damage or vapor intrusion. It is designed for use over lagging on blindside walls, under slab and buried forms such as elevator pits.

Torch Applied Waterproofing

Torch applied waterproofing membrane are composed of a non-woven polyester reinforcement and SBS modified bitumen. When heated, its sticky surface will allow protection, insulation or drainage boards to adhere directly to the surface of the membrane. The main benefits are the high tensile strength, puncture resistance and installation possibilities in cold weather.


Mastic asphalt is without a question the toughest and must durable waterproofing membrane system in the market. Parking decks that are waterproofed with D-Mastic asphalt boast an extremely long service life equating to less costly parking garage closures and repair programs. D-Mastic asphalt’s call to fame is its minimal maintenance requirements which have a rapid execution time frame compared to more traditional waterproofing systems on the market.

Request our technical data sheet for more information on this effective time-tested solution which has been used in countless parking garage, most notably the Bell Center.


Traffic Deck Waterproofing

Traffic deck waterproofing systems utilize polyurethane and epoxy technologies to protect steel-reinforced, concrete traffic and pedestrian deck from the damaging effects of chlorides and water ingress. These systems are comprised of a primer, elastomeric membrane coat and either one to three subsequent top wear coats (depending on the use) to provide a fully-bonded economic waterproofing solution.

Protective & Decorative Coatings

Acrylic-based and water dispersed elastomeric coatings are commonly used on exterior finishing systems subject to dynamic movement. These coatings bridge micro-cracks, minimizes water and chloride ingress, provides excellent long-term UV light resistance and aesthetically enhances structures among other benefits.

Crystalline Based Waterproofing

Crystalline Based Waterproofing

This waterproofing method is a surface applied crystalline slurry treatment that transforms new or existing concrete into a permanent waterproofing barrier. The application lowers the permeability of the concrete to protect against the ingress of water and waterborne chemicals. Since it becomes integral to the concrete, it can be applied to with the positive (wet) or negative (dry) side of the water pressure which allows reliable hydrostatic waterproofing protection and remediation for even the most difficult applications.

Water-Repelling Sealer

Silane-based protection coatings are a penetrating monomer solution that creates a waterproof barrier on concrete or masonry surfaces. This type of coating provides an integral barrier against the ingress of moisture and water-borne salts into concrete and masonry all the while allowing the surface to ‘’breathe’’.