Surface preparation, whether is be shotblasting to scarification to surface grinding, it is the essential and crucial first step to a successful material application.

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Our specialists provide a variety of services to properly prepare the concrete substrate depending on the resurfacing, repair or waterproofing product to be applied afterwards.

About Surface Preparation

Surface preparation for concrete resurfacing, repair or waterproofing works is the important step for the development of proper bond with the new product overlay.  Poor surface preparation may lead to failure of the protective system or repair material, further repairs, added expense and compromised integrity of the structure (among others).  Various methods are used for the preparation of surfaces for concrete ranging from chemical cleaning to abrasive mechanical preparation. 

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) has detailed a guideline ranging from CSP 1 to 10 to properly select and specify Concrete Surface Preparation (CSP) for different overlay applications.  Manufacturers of products often specify the type and quality of the surface preparation that is required to ensure the success of their product.

The goal of the surface preparation method is to provide a clean, sound, roughened surface including:

  • Removal of laitance, dirt, oil, films, paint and coatings;
  •  Removal of contaminated and / or unsound concrete;
  • Opening of the pores;
  • Removal of any material that will interfere with penetration, adhesion, or bonding; and
  • Creation of a surface profile.

There are no shortcuts with surface preparation.  Contact the Dumoulin & Associates specialists to get a free evaluation on your commercial project.