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For over 45 years Dumoulin & Associates has been serving the highest profile commercial concrete clientele. Founded in 1978, we have created lasting client relationships that span decades.

Some of our Clients

Centre Bell

Hydro Quebec

Montreal Concrete Dumoulin

City of Montreal

We work for the best.

Delivering an impeccable finished product is crucial to the growth of our company, we are proud for the trust our clients have put into our company time and time again.

Our Services

Concrete Repair

Before taking on a project, an expert evaluation is important in determining the source of the problem, the extent of the damage, and the possible solutions.


The injection methods we use the most often are Epoxy or cement mortar surface sealing: Low or high pressure injection of epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resin and plugging with polymer-based non-shrinking mortars.

Structural Reinforcement

Our structural reinforcement products strengthen beams, columns and slabs with epoxy bonded carbon fibres or fibreglass.


The application of a waterproofing membrane or epoxy coating reduces carbon dioxide, chloride ion and water penetration while enhancing the aesthetic aspects of the structure.

Some Client Testimonials

"I appreciated their service when repairing the condominiums parking lot. They finished on time and were below the competitor's price. Would definitely recommend other condo assemblies to call Dumoulin."

Nancy de Santis,

"We approached Dumoulin for a small residential project and they were most professional from day 1 despite the small size of our business, gave us lots of advice and very thorough in evaluating our actual needs and fair in their pricing."

Jenny Lai,

"Time and time again they surpassed our expectations. We use Dumoulin on multiple of our projects and are satisfied each time."

Paolo Cantini,

Get a Free Evaluation on your commercial project

Get a Free Evaluation on your commercial project