Licence RBQ: 2521-4800-24 | Certifié ISO 9001:2008


We offer a full range of products and services to waterproof and protect concrete structures and reinforcing steel against salt and other aggressive chemicals. The products that we use considerably reduce the penetration of chloride ions while allowing the concrete to breathe.

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Elastomeric membrane made of polyurethane or epoxy

Application of an epoxy resin in a municipal garage

The application of a waterproofing membrane or epoxy coating reduces carbon dioxide, chloride ion and water penetration while enhancing the aesthetic aspects of the structure.

Ideal for protecting:


  • Parking decks
  • Factory floors
  • Building buildings
  • Balcony tiles

Hot applied bituminous membrane

The bituminous membrane is highly recommended to protect structural concrete surfaces. It must be covered by a running surface, either asphalt or a concrete topping.

With exceptional resistance and durability characteristics, this type of membrane is made of a frame coated with bitumen.

Crystalline-based coating

Developed for waterproofing drinking water reservoirs, basins and foundations, the crystalline-based coating is a unique chemical treatment that waterproofs and protects concrete. This method prevents the penetration of water and other liquids by causing a catalytic reaction resulting in a crystalline formation.

Silane-based coating

Silane-based protection is a penetrating monomer solution that creates a waterproof barrier (hydrophobe) on the surface and underside of masonry and concrete components. This type of covering significantly reduces the penetration of chloride ions and allows concrete and masonry to “breathe,” while slowing the effects of corrosion.

Abrasion-resistant waterproof coating

Ideal for industrial basins, drinking water reservoirs, tanks and other similar structures, this coating protects concrete from chemical products and other corrosive elements.