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For over 45 years Dumoulin & Associates has been serving the highest profile commercial concrete clientele. Founded in 1978, we have created lasting client relationships that span decades.

Our Condo Concrete Repair Services

Condo Waterproofing

We offer a full range of products and services to waterproof and protect concrete structures such as parking decks and foundation walls to prolong their service life. We offer a wide range of products for every different type of site condition.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete is all around us. Over time, chemical changes provoked by carbon in ambient air, chloride contamination, and other factors strain concrete structures. Our experts take the necessary corrective measures to rectify the situation to ensure the longevity and security of the structural concrete elements.

Facade & Balcony Repairs

Concrete façades and balconies are subjected to the same environmental rigors as less apparent concrete. We carry out the same types of repairs on balcony top surfaces, balcony undersides and façades as we do on columns, beams and structural concrete slabs.

Structural Reinforcement

Our structural reinforcement products strengthen beams, columns and slabs with epoxy bonded carbon fibres or fibreglass.

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a coating, usually asphalt-based, that is either sprayed on or hand applied to prevent moisture from passing though foundation concrete and masonry walls into the interior space.


Concrete is subjected to many external stresses that can create cracks. These external stresses include soil movement, structural settlement and expansion of reinforcing steel due to rust. We stabilize, waterproof and repair to restore the structural integrity of the concrete element in question.

Our 5-Star Projects

Multi Unit Residential

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Our company was selected for the waterproofing of 10 Retirement Residences (AKA Maison des Aînés) projects in Quebec. Our team members know how to professionally, quickly and creatively respond to the exact demands of the client.

Our clients can’t say enough

I appreciated their service when repairing the condominiums parking lot. They finished on time and were below the competitor's price. Would definitely recommend other condo assemblies to call Dumoulin.

Nancy de Santis,

We approached Dumoulin for a small residential project and they were most professional from day 1 despite the small size of our business, gave us lots of advice and very thorough in evaluating our actual needs and fair in their pricing.

Jenny Lai,

Time and time again they surpassed our expectations. We use Dumoulin on multiple of our projects and are satisfied each time.

Paolo Cantini,

Get a Free Evaluation on your commercial project

Get a Free Evaluation on your commercial project