Licence RBQ: 2521-4800-24 | Certifié ISO 9001:2008

Parking garage repairs

Many issues can damage interior and exterior parking garages. It is important to intervene quickly and make the necessary repairs when the first signs of damage appear. If not, the concrete’s deterioration may worsen to a point of disrepair.

Major projects

We have numerous years of experience repairing all types of parking garages where, time after time, several sections had to be completely rebuilt.

Our repair contract

For the best repairs to your parking garages, we will put a plan of action in place that we have improved over time and that today has proven its value. We can perform the following operations according to your needs:


  • Demolish damaged areas
  • Repair concrete to the top of the slab
  • Repair concrete to the underside of the slab
  • Repair the full-thickness of the concrete slab
  • Repair the concrete beams and columns (with or without forms)
  • Replace the steel reinforcing bars
  • Formwork
  • Inject cracks with epoxy or polyurethane
  • Repair or replace expansion joints
  • Replace drains
  • Correct a profile
  • Repair or replace the existing waterproof membrane.

Repair work to the extrados of the concrete

Renovating the extrados of the concrete

Demolishing a structural slab

Replacement of the parking deck

Finished parking garage restoration

Demolition of the full-thickness of a concrete slab

Rebuilt parking garage

Garage renovation